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The Budding Tree is a full service event and floral design firm that offers a wide range of designs for various events and locations. As a company, we pride ourselves in taking your event from start to finish, handling all aspects of your special occasion's decor.

The Budding Tree starts the creative process by getting to know you on a personal level from the first meeting. Working with you, the Budding Tree listens and shares your ideas, dreams and visions and then makes them come to life in a very exciting way!

Taking into account what you envision as your perfect event day, budget is discussed, and a plan is made to make your dreams come to reality. Using fourteen years of design experience, The Budding Tree approaches every event as a complete, custom design; integrating all the visual aspects of your special day into one harmonious event. Translating your thoughts and feelings into unique designs for any occasion is what the Budding Tree excels at!


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